With the dICE cube maker you can produce crystal-clear and flawless ice cubes just as easily as with conventional ice cube molds. They are sure to impress and won't dilute your favorite drinks.



dICE cubes are not only crystal clear, they also stay colder for longer and dilute your drink less….. why? Let’s not waste time with the science.



Quality is important to us, not only with whiskey. That's why we make sure that dICE cubes are as clean as they look: we manufacture completely in Germany and use only certified toxin-free materials. Clearly!



Nothing that doesn’t belong in our ice cubes gets in. Anything that could cloud your ice cubes or your mood leaves the dICE cubes during the special freezing process, resulting in completely limescale-free and tasteless ice cubes. Thanks to the highest quality material the dICE cube mold won't transfer any flavor to the ice cubes whilst freezing.



Soothing Silicone: The material that makes up our ice cube mold is also used in the manufacture and production of baby products. All certified toxin-free and made in Germany. Our box is really scrumtious – it’s technically edible – and also completely recyclable in case you don’t quite finish it all off.


Establish Clarity

The choice of the right ice cube is just as crucial as the ingredients and the glass in which it is served. On the one hand it cools and makes the drink more refreshing, on the other hand, it combines with spirits and mixers whilst melting and helps the drink to fulfil its potential. Exactly how two or three drops of water spread through a glass of whiskey, a drink only develops its full potential by mixing with a little melted ice water. However, if the ice melts too fast, the drink loses its balance and the aromas blur. As a result of the melting process the ice is also responsible for the quality and taste of the drink.

Since our ice cubes leave no film on the drink and take longer to melt they give a pure, unadulterated taste experience.

This process can be significantly influenced by the size of the selected ice cube.

5cm x 5cm dICE - Cube

The Great

Large ice cubes offer an optimal cooling / dilution ratio. They melt slower and do not dilute your drinks as fast. A larger, slower melting dICE cube makes perfectly sense with a drink like the Old Fashioned, allowing you to enjoy your drink chilled to the last sip. 

3cm x 3cm dICE - Cube

The All-rounder

Despite the beneficial cooling properties of large dICE cubes, ice cubes are much more commonly used in smaller glasses. Cubes of 3cm (1.2'') are the perfect size for just about any glass, making them ideal for long drinks.





Insert inlay and fill with water.



Place ice cube mold in box and let it sink.



If necessary adjust water level to about 5mm from rim.



Put the box in the freezer for
20 – 30 hours. The duration may vary depending on the appliance and size of the ice cube mold.